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Abby Deskins

March 26, 2021
I had the pleasure of working with Stephanie and Shaun from Auto’s Only this past week. I came in, hoping to find a new, used car and trade in my current one. Throughout the process, Stephanie was patient and understanding of my preferences on cars. We sat down, browsed for cars within my budget and finally found one that checked off all the boxes! Shaun on the other hand helped me with the paperwork as this was my first time purchasing a car on my own. I especially admire and appreciate the patience and respect from both Stephanie and Shaun. While Shaun was getting the car ready for me, he noticed a small crack that was starting to web on the front windshield. He immediately said he would order a new one and have it installed at no cost. All I can say is superb customer service! Thank you for making the experience such a breeze!

Angie Soper

October 03, 2020
I have a son with Autism who has endured so much pain and rejection from his peers that he has little to no selfworth which breaks my heart. He found a car here that he thought he MUST HAVE. Pictures were good but, of course, one needs to actually experience the vehicle. Pre-approval was done over the phone with Jeremiah. A few days passed and we were able to meet in person at the dealership. We live about 75 miles away. Jeremiah met with us to show us vehicles that he thought would be suitable for a 1st car. My son...stuck on a particular car, cut him off and asked about this specific car. I noticed that Jeremiah never mentioned the car that my son initially was interested in when we arrived. I wondered why he didn't mention it but he agreed to show it to us. We saw the car. It was exactly as pictured and quite adorable. However, there were major issues. I didn't want my son to "settle" however I know this kid won't just listen, he needs to "see". So, we test drove it. By the time we retued, I was able to have physical evidence why this car was not the "one". My son was "stuck" on a price point. He didn't understand the variables of financing and asked to see another car in the same price range. Jeremiah was happy to show him a less "adorable " but much more sound alteative. I knew right away that my son would not agree to this car however Jeremiah was building a relationship with Owen and encouraged him to drive it anyway. Once we retued, Jeremiah already anticipated that Owen would reject the car. And had approval already for a different car that would not only be in the budget but also Owen approved, Mom approved AND Grandma Approved. He also reassured Owen that his mother (me) is very wise and Owen should listen. Of course, I've been telling him that since he was little but he truly believed it coming from Jeremiah. LOL Jeremiah presented a beautiful 2011 Honda CR-Z that was over double the price of the less desired car and the rejected car. Owen lost hope at that point. But Jeremiah reassured him that the groundwork was already done and YES, Owen, YOU can get this car! A MUCH better car! Owen couldn't believe it. Jeremiah stayed after closing hours to talk with Grandma on the phone in another state. He explained everything as the paperwork was filled out. He encouraged my son to not settle for less than he deserves and Owen truly took that to heart. Jeremiah was extremely patient. He allowed my son to go through a process of actually looking close at things and not just taking them at face value. That is NO easy task with an individual on the Spectrum. Jeremiah easily could have just convinced my son to buy a vehicle that really was not the best fit, collected his commission, and then went home without another thought. But, Jeremiah didn't do any of that. Thank you, Jeremiah, for validating my son and being patient while he processed everything that we were trying to do. He is extremely happy and SO VERY PROUD of his 1st car! I really appreciate the time you took and the extra work to raise Owen up to a higher standard! And thank you for encouraging him to dream bigger and work for better! He will not forget this evening. You really lifted him up and gave him confidence that it is okay to say no and want better! I will recommend you to anyone who needs a vehicle no matter where you work!

Christina Scheunemann

March 30, 2021
Up until recently I have always found the process of buying a car to be stressful and difficult. That changed when I had the pleasure of doing business with Shawn and Autos only. I saw a few cars on their website and emailed them inquiring for more information. Shawn replied promptly with detailed photos and answered all the questions I had. After helping me narrow down my choices to a few cars we scheduled an appointment to come test drive. The process once I was at their shop was equally as pleasant and professional as my interaction with Shawn over email. I can recommend Autos Only of Burien to anyone that wants a smooth, honest, and relaxed car shopping experience.

Corrie Tan

May 02, 2021
Great service! Our salesman was super nice, honest, and helpful. The transaction was very smooth and easy as well. And they were willing to help us out with almost everything. I definitely recommend this place!

Elvin Gladney

February 13, 2021
My family and I bought a 2012 Toyota Prius V before the day of Thanksgiving holiday on November 22, 2018 with the tremendous, wonderful help from Mr. Noel Bennett. We have known his family at a random place back in 2007, short history. Anyway, I was so proud and happy that we got ourselves a 1st Hybrid Car, and it drives very smoothly. We have been taking really good care of the vehicle, and we loved it very much. Thanks Autos Only for your help, ans also a very special thanks to one employee that we know, Mr. Noel Bennett. Thanks for your help again Mr. Bennett!


July 25, 2021
Thank you Stephanie and Noel for everything. I live in NC and bought a car from them over the phone and had it delivered. Everything worked out perfectly with no problems. They were helpful and kind. Car is exactly what I needed for daily driving for work and my family. Would do business with them again! You can trust these guys!

Gretchen Warden

February 04, 2021
Autos Only - Burien is a great place to find your next car! They have an excellent selection, competitive prices, and Noel Bennett is wonderful to work with! My family has purchased many vehicles from Noel through the years and will continue to do so because he is ethical, honest, knowledgeable, and a true professional and he makes the car buying process enjoyable. Many thanks to Noel!!!

Jeanna Hyler

September 16, 2021
Yay I have a beautiful new used car!!!! Stephanie was there every step of the way with paperwork and she even reset my radio that needed some code to work. Everyone at Autos Only were very friendly and helpful. I would recommend to anyone I know looking for a new car to head over to Autos Only and ask for Stephanie she is very helpful and all the paperwork was explained to me by Sean he was very knowledgeable helping me get the financing I needed and he was so patient with all my questions. Stephanie and Sean thanks so much!!

Jim Harrigill

September 09, 2020
Jeremiah was a pleasure to work with. They gave me an hour to test drive without a salesperson. They were pretty firm on the "No Haggle" policy but were able to work with me on my trade-in.

Jim Wulff

February 03, 2021
I recently purchased a Lexus through Noel Bennett at Autos Only and have never regretted the decision he encouraged me to make. Our budget was stretched a bit initially, but the reliability, customer service and comfort factors all exceeded expectations. The road is not the challenge it use to be but a pleasure to drive in my Lexus. Thank you to Noel and Autos Only.

Leo Rosas

October 27, 2021
This was my first time here at Autos Only and Shawn did an amazing job helping me navigate through the car buying process!! They definitely eaed my future business through having quality products and having stellar customer service. Will definitely be back again!

Manny Singh

August 20, 2021
Excellent service from Steve. I called to see if they still had a ‘98 Toyota Camry LE they had listed for $4,999 on their website. Not only did Steve inform me that it was still there but he also offered me a ride to the dealership after finding out I’d be taking the bus. He had the Camry ready to go when I arrived and did an awesome job of showing me the car including taking it for a test drive. Transaction was smooth and the car’s been driving even smoother. Considering the 4th generation Camry has legendary reliability and this one only has 114,571 miles on it I’m expecting it to last me at least another 100,000 miles and most likely more. Thanks to Steve and the team!

Mariya Makhlyagina

July 30, 2021
Shawn was excellent and was super patient. He prepared two cars within my specs for me to test drive. Overall, communication was very clear and transparent. I did not find what I was looking for only because I needed a newer model than what was available, but I would recommend anyone to shop here and ask for Shawn.


February 02, 2021
I really enjoyed working with Autos Only. I recently purchased a Honda Accord for my son. They went over and above to make sure I got a really good and safe vehicle for my son. He is very happy. I recommend asking for Noel when you visit Autos Only. He will do a great job for you.

Merve Haklidir

July 28, 2020
Great service overall! My husband and I came into this dealership and was greeted by Moe and he knew my name and had the vehicle ready for me as I arrived and did not have to wait a minute ! He was very polite and professional, he used my name when he spoke to me and that made me feel more comfortable and seemed to care about finding the vehicle that meets my needs. The vehicle drove great! Came back and he introduced me to his sales manager(Rami?) who found me the best bank with the lowest interest rate ! He also introduced me to Sam who was also very polite and pro! I was missing a small part for the car, they ordered it on the same day i was there and I texted Moe a few times and he responded in a timely fashion. Even though I felt like I was bugging him, he still responded and made sure I received my part. It did take a few days but with this covid I am happy he got the part for me. I still have the vehicle that is USED! Any used car is going to have something minor here and there! I am just confused on why ppl are rating 1 and leave the comment complaining about very MINOR ISSUES ON A USED CAR! but they dont mention the great deal they got, the interest rate, and how the vehicle is still driving. ANYWAY great service! from the first phone call to MOE to signing the papers with Rami? and TILL THIS DAY! the vehicle runs smooth and great on gas ! And my husband will be back soon for service! And I will refer friends and family! Definitely coming back in the future !

N.M. Sherrard

November 13, 2021
Andrew (our salesman) was professional, friendly and diligent. And so was the rest of the staff. We couldn't be happier with our experience at this dealership.

Peter Parker

May 07, 2021
Outstanding customer service from the time I walked in the parking lot till I chose what car I wanted when you come to auto only ask for Sam and Shawn he was not forceful like most car salesmen

Scot Smith

August 04, 2020
I just bought a ‘17 BMW convertible 4 series of my dreams @ AutosOnly in Burien. From the moment I saw it I knew I wanted it! Jeremiah was my car salesman, and made sure that I was able to test drive it right away. No hassles. No rush. He let me test drive it as long as I wanted and went to “bat” for me when it came down to the deal. He got me approved for financing. Got my monthly payments as close to my desired payment goals. Was patient with me as I thought it all over. And in the end I left with the car of my dreams in under 2 hrs. I am so happy with it. It’s in perfect condition. Drives beautifully. And it was a pleasure to work with Jeremiah and the guys over at AutosOnly. I also really liked that they practiced safe business measures due to COVID-19 (masks, hand sanitizers, your own pen, glass barriers, and six feet distance as much as possible). These guys are GREAT!

Stephen McGuire

August 08, 2020
I have had two good experiences with Autos Only Burien. I bought a Pontiac Vibe from Noel approximately 8 years ago. I was in a pinch to get transportation over a single weekend due to one of my three daughters totaling my work vehicle on a friday, while I was away on a business trip. Noel made it happen. Out of all my vehicles this Vibe has out performed and outlasted them all. So when another married daughter ask "dad do you have any suggestions", I did not hesitate to send her to contact Noel at Autos Only in Burien. He helped her make a decision on her next car and Noel will be my first choice for my next car. Stephen McGuire

Susy Warden

February 04, 2021
Our family has purchased many vehicles from Noel for over 20 years.Not only is he a great person to deal with but an even better friend. Any time a family member or friend needs a vehicle we have them contact him and will continue to do so.Thank you Noel

Tara-Marie Buckley

March 25, 2021
I called looking for 1 car and the sales lady, Stephanie, gave me bad news. Then, she asked questions as to what I was looking for & my budget. Bless her she really went all out in trying to help me! In the end, she found me a beautiful blue PT Cruiser! This young lady even went with me on the test drive! I was afraid I would get lost not knowing the area. She was patient& very kind! I wish all sales people were as wonderful as she was! If you're in the market for a used car, give Autos Only of Burien a try & ask for Stephanie!

Tiffany Geaudreau

August 09, 2020
I had my heart set on a very specific car, and I wanted to get my loan through my credit union, which by using their website to search for affiliate dealerships who use the CUDL program, I found Autos Only in Burien, WA and they had the exact car. Super easy so far! I drove down same day, test drove a nice, clean 2013 Prius V in RED! :) I bought it, And they took my trade in for the price I'd hoped, and the loan through the credit union, WECU, was all handle in house. they even through in new wipers. The staff was casual, friendly and energetic. They all wore masks, had the lobby set up for distancing and gave my friend cold bottled water on a hot day! I felt safe and comfortable. Two weeks later, we had our first rain storm oveight which relieved leaks in my windshield seal. I called up Noel at Autos Only and he went right to work, set up a repair with Safelite Glass, in my town, so I wouldn't have to drive back down to Burien, 100 miles away from my home. I have an appointment on the books and am very satisfied. I would buy from them again and send friends too. Great place for used Prius'.

Ty Wilson

August 29, 2020
I have all pleasant things to say about Autos Only (the Burien site) and specifically Shawn the salesperson with whom we dealt there, and Noel the sales manager, and indeed all the staff that keep the place running. My wife & I are expats, and were a little unfamiliar with some of the surrounding processes of car purchasing in the USA, registration, and those sorts of things; but Autos Only helped get everything organised and really made us feel as if everything was under control. At no point did we feel hassled, or anything like that. We were a little anxious about undertaking a car purchase, not sure if we were doing the right things etc., but Autos Only helped get everything organised. Specifically, Shawn was helpful, friendly, open, and honest about the car we were interested in, and was a pleasure to deal with. He organised our inspections of the car, test drives, and discussed everything with us, and worked with us on pricing and the like. Ultimately, Autos Only's pricing is good with respect to the market and I respect their stance on pricing--they assess their inventory accurately and seem to only keep good quality stock. Haggle if you want, but they know their inventory is good and they can stand by it and back it up with great customer care. I'd even overheard staff there dealing with an unhappy customer (for what in my opinion were that customer's own idiosyncratic reasons) and I was impressed with the professionalism and the way the "issues" were explained to that customer and rectified. Ultimately, it comes down to this: I will enthusiastically recommend anyone that asks me about a used car in Seattle to deal with Shawn at Autos Only in Burien. He's trustworthy, open, and helpful, and made sure everything worked out for us. And Noel the sales manager was friendly, and a pleasure to work with when we came to signing everything finalising it all. And their COVID-19 processes at the moment are professional, efficient, and effective. Thank you again to Shawn, Noel, and everyone at Autos Only Burien for making it all a pleasant process. And our car has been going great!